Thursday, 14 July 2016

The GovCoin Misdirection

It was one of the greatest feats of misdirection in recent history, while the wizards were keeping some people amused, others in abject fear, and still other groups in shock at the stupidity of it all.  With the media fast disappearing up its own arse we were all so busy looking at the wizards right hand no one bothered much to watch his left hand, or indeed the 20 guys behind him.  That left hand instigated something that although innocuous on the surface has far reaching effects in a negative way for many people.  But these effects will reach for further than those at the very bottom of the pile, like a cancer it will slowly creep upon us in a way that it will affect everyone.  From the money grabbing criminals known as the big banks to the guy who runs your local bar and so far beyond.  

They gave us a cast of characters to leave our mouths open in awe at their stupidity, or somethings even their forward thinking.  They kept everyone busy while the real damaging shit was done behind the scenes.  Recent british political news has obviously been written by a psychotic on mescaline, or so it would appear at first glance. But rule one of being a total bastard of a politician is if you are going to hide something that could be really bad then the more of a shit storm you could face the bigger your misdirection must be.  Its name is ‘GovCoin’ and it's the terrible secret they don't want you to know about.

So the bastards went all out… they opened up the battery of media control guns and fired at each other in a play fight that kept everything they wanted away from prying eyes.  But now it’s time for me to expose these devious bastards and make their plan more well known.

But first let's have a recap on one of the most explosive weeks in British politics in its history and see the scale of the misdirection campaign.

If some bastard had wrote a movie script with the events of the last few weeks in the British Isles in it, it would be rejected due to being too fanciful.  We’ve had the politicians behind the Brexit leave campaign all say ‘fuck it we’re all leaving’re on your fucking own!’ The Prime minister (or ex prime minister by the time you read this) has resigned and a new one put in place without any member of the public getting a chance to vote on it. It's a coup by the hardcore conservatives in the Tory party.  The whole thing smells worse than last week's fish. A bad smell that is permeating the country.  It puts a person in charge of the country who is anti intellectual, anti equal rights, anti workers rights and anti a whole lot more things in charge.  It's all going to go to hell in a hand cart.  The fact that Boris Johnson, the guy who acts the british buffoon but has a heart of solid ice is now the Foreign Secretary boggles the mind

The Labour party is split down the middle into the parliamentary party (the members of parliament ) on one side and the Labour party members on the other.  With the parliamentary party wanting the leader of the Labour Party kicked out on his arse in what amounts to a coup by the Blairite hordes. The party members who don’t seemly get a say in this until it's all sewn up don't seem to want rid of Jeremy Corbyn.  They like the guys and in fact it’s seen more people join the party than in recent memory.  The leader of UKIP (that loathsome little toad Nigel Farage) has sodded off as well and no one really seems to care who the hell is in charge of that crowd very much.  He’s served his purpose in the whole thing so it’s a case of ‘bye bye, astalavista, toodle pipski, piss off’.

Its a fucking mess, the whole god damned thing. The political maneuvering by the Tory party factions was a sight to behold to anyone who watches carefully.  A vote by Tory MP’s was had… then one by one they all dropped out until Theresa May (Margaret Thatcher's Mini me clone) was the only one left standing… “It's ok guys! We don’t need a vote on who will lead the country as there’s only one candidate Left.”  This all smells wrong, and you know as sure as all green hell that Andrea Leadsom will be given an important role in Mini Thatcher’s cabinet as a reward.

No one in the UK has voted to have Theresa May as Prime Minister, she has already made if very clear there will be no election until 2020.  The last time this handover without an election happened it was Gordon Brown taking over from Tony Blair.  In that case Theresa May was very vocal about the fact that there should be an immediate election as Brown did not have the mandate of the country.  No one had voted for Brown as Prime Minister...he just dropped in like a substitute at the 89th minute.  

How ironic that when it is Theresa May she has suddenly changed her opinion on such inconsequential things as people actually being able to vote on who they would prefer as Prime Minister.  While I detest everything that David Cameron stands for..he may be a cunt, but at least he was an elected cunt.  Some people actually voted for him.  No one apart from members of parliament that are representing the Tory party have got any sort of vote on who the next damn Prime Minister of the UK will be!

That brings us up to date...

Thats one helluva misdirection!  A one so big it risked damaging britain in the process.  What was it all for if not really about leaving europe or not?  The bottom line is neither sided of the referendum is going to get everything they voted for, so in a fucked up way the status quo after all this has been preserved.  3 steps forward 5 steps back.

So while every bastard has been consumed with the fall-out of the labour party attempted coup and the brexit vote...a changing Prime minister and rats deserting a sinking ship, one of the most worrying decisions about the british welfare system in its history has been made. A new trial technology has been put into place currently for a smallish number of people.  It means they can only get paid (and by extension spend from it) money direct from a government app on a smart phone.  

Oh but it gets so much better…. This ‘virtual currency’ is a non tradeable one developed by a company called GovCoin Systems Limited.  They are a city of london start-up that specializes in Bitcoin type virtual currency systems. Pay attention as this is a complex rabbit warren you may need to read a few times!

Now GovCoin Systems Limited chairman is a man named John Edge, who freely admitted in a speech he gave on the 16th  october 2015 when talking about crypto currencies that “no one understands in any sense.”   He’s also the chairman of Identity Economic Holdings whose sole shareholder is  the mysterious Id economic Holdings Llc. He is also managing director of 15 other companies all linked to money and digital identity security.  Of most interest politically is the fact he is director of  Whitechapel Think Tank Limited.  I’ll let you do your own research on that one. (which will lead you down a maze of shell companies that own each other with no easily discernible end.) None of these companies have posted any records whatsoever!  Hes not surprisingly a hard core Tory party supporter and one has to wonder if that is why one of his many companies have been awarded this contract.

But the icing on this whole huge fucked up cake is that he is a former Head of Electronic Client Solutions at JP fucking Morgan!  This is no man of the people or tech guru, more of the global banking elites ‘man’.  But it gets even more scary…. Hold onto your hats as this should concern everyone reading this.  He is the co founder of ID2020. This “aims to develop a legal digital identity from birth for everyone by 2030.”  Something they are terming a ‘Self Sovereign Identity’. I’ll be amazed if you ever hear of this man's name in the media or read about him in a paper. He’s a ninja, invisible until it's too late.

But what does the idea of forcing people on benefits to require the use of a smartphone app that they can only be paid and spend money with?… well apart from the fact the cryptocurrency would be non transferable and non tradable (so no changing it for proper paper money anywhere!)

This means that benefit sanctions could be put into place (and no doubt will as one thing the Tory party are fluffy bunnies) if you spend this virtual currency on anything through the app that they don't like.  If you control the way money can be spent, you control the person.

Spend more than they think you should on cigarettes or beer? Well that's a sanction for you sonny Jim! No more money for you for 6 months! Supporting a cause that is contrary to the government's decision? That's another 6 month sanction boyo!  Good luck trying to feed your family.   So your guy you know you runs a bar… suddenly no one on benefits can go there, your mate who runs a shop? Suddenly large sections of his stock will not be allowed to be bought by some people.  It’ll be a step back to the dark ages with a knock on effect that will resonate to every area of life.

But while on the surface it seems a not bad idea to make sure those on benefits are not wasting their money on things we deam as ‘luxuries’, it has a very far reaching effect for both personal freedom and the economy.  It all seems very voluntary at the moment, but no one brings in a highly invasive method of control and admit what they are doing.  They have to ease it in, change public opinion so that people on benefits are not just seen as ‘scroungers’ but actual barely human scum. But then we’ll all be clamoring for a method of ‘sorting the bastards out’ such as this.  The main hole in the whole system right now is that it requires the benefit claimant to have a working smartphone.  But i can see some sort of government sanctions very limited smart phone being made available to benefit claimants in some way.  

The big question is what will happen to those who cannot , will not or refuse to have a smartphone? Will they then be excluded from claiming benefits at all?  It's no secret in westminster circles than the Tory party have been looking like many western governments for a way to get involved in blockchain based cryptocurrencies.  By getting onto the bandwagon, taking control of the reins they are then making damn sure that they have control of it and can make it little more than a tool for the financial elite and the banks.  So instead of it being a way for people to not have to rely on notaries or banks, they will be tied to them even tighter than ever before.

Former Cabinet Office minister, Matthew Hancock spoke publicly of the Try governments longing to use blockchains in government. “Monitoring and controlling the use of grants is incredibly complex. A blockchain, accessible to all the parties involved, might be a better way of solving that problem”.

So instead of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies democratising economics and removing  the middle man they look to be about to end up in the worst hands of all.  It's becoming very clear that some have very nefarious intentions for the whole thing.

But let's predict the future a bit here. Let's say you are behind all this and you REALLY want as many people as possible to use a currency you control., that cannot be exchanged or traded, that you can withhold or award on a whim and you control 100%.  You need this as your overall method of control, but you know as sure as trees a fuckign green people won't agree to it given a choice.  You play the long game.  You start it small, make sure it's as easy as falling out of bed to use and that it has initially some very big plus points.  Later after you have had a word with your good friend Rupert Murdoch and ask him to change public opinion even further away from seeing people on benefits as human beings towards animals who barely classify as human.  Horrible stupid people that need to be controlled for their own good. Once the public is clamoring for action (maybe even letting a few large scale political demonstrations take place); then and only then do you make it all far more hardcore.

People will not see the suffering in the media as your good mate Rupert controls most of it.  This gives you room to expand so that all government employees get paid the same way (only with a little more leeway).  It opens up doors to ‘for the good of the country's health you can no longer buy ‘x’ with GovCoin’.  After that you can do and control whatever you want, it's only limited by your darkest nightmares.

Invasive technologies rarely appear fast as they seem, when it involves control of large amount sofc people, it is planned years, sometimes a decade or two in advance.   The real power behind the throne never shows its face, it doesn't have to as it calls the shots.

So I urge others reading this to extend this research and dig deeper before it moves too far along.  Otherwise the phrase ‘I am a free person’ will have no meaning a couple of decades from now.  The whole idea should freeze you to your very soul.